Custom-made Tubular Fencing


Right Metal Products is a family-owned and operated business in Perth, WA. Over time, we have established a good relationship with clients to whom we have provided superior tubular fencing products. We have built a reputation based on prompt service and high-quality finishes. So make the right decision now and call us for your tubular fencing needs.


As market leaders in Perth, WA for Commercial Fencing, Industrial Fencing and Tubular Fencing, not to mention Security gates and Automatic gates, we do our best to give you what you need, be it a tubular fence or gate, or any one of our other fencing and gate products. With more than 20 years of combined industry experience, you can be certain that we know how to give you the product truly suited to your requirements.


Reasons for Choosing Tubular Fence

There are a number of reasons why you?d want a tubular fence, and we strive to satisfy them all for you. First, you want to keep your property secure. Our tubular fences are made using materials and methods that meet Australian standards. They are fabricated within Perth Western Australia, so you can be assured that they are built with an understanding of your specific needs and our climate in mind.


We know that your fence must also look good. Tell us what kind of fence you need and we will build it for you. Our designs are custom-made and range from classic tubular fences to ones that feature elaborate and ornate details. We offer looped, latticed, and spear-topped designs among our huge range of product.


We do not cut corners so that we can ensure our products keep your assets secure. Tamper-free screws are used to connect them together. Regular maintenance is conducted to ensure that they last for as long as you need them to. In the off-chance that you need us for repairs, contact us and we will respond as promptly as we can to your call.