School Fencing and Gates in Perth


Seeking to reduce the likelihood of vandalism-related and break-and-enter incidents at your education facility? Want to firmly establish the boundaries of your property in a stylish and secure manner? You’ve come to the right place. At Right Metal Products, we provide school fencing and gates to Perth faculties of all kinds.


When you improve the security of your school, you’ll see a wide range of tangible and quantifiable results. Primarily, your students and staff members will feel more comfortable and safe when turning up each day – and you’ll see a corresponding rise in morale. You’ll also save money that would normally be spent cleaning up after vandalism or property damage, allowing you to contribute funds to school facilities and amenities.


We both manufacture our items locally (in our Canning Vale facility) and import high-quality products from specially-chosen overseas providers. We have the same exacting attention to detail when it comes to both our locally-made and imported product ranges, so you’re sure to receive the same level of excellent service and performance from both.


The products that we create in our Perth-based factory are exclusively manufactured from professional-quality, marine grade 316 stainless steel or silicone bronze welding wire. We choose to use these materials because of their strength, resilience against weather conditions and general level of quality. Our team also fully galvanises all of our material, both inside and out, and we ensure that every join is fully welded for the highest level of strength and resistance to corrosion.


It’s easy to see why we’re considered to be one of the leading producers of school fencing and gates in the wider Perth region. Give us a call at 08 9256 3691 if you have any questions.